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Campaigning for the future of council housing – The NFA

“Acceleris have enthusiastically contributed to the development of an effective communications strategy for the NFA and their work has helped to propel the NFA into the forefront of the social housing agenda.” - Gwyneth Taylor, NFA Policy Director


The National Federation of ALMOs (NFA) is the trade body that represents England’s 47 ALMOs* (Arms Length Management Organisations) - housing bodies that together manage more than 654,000 council homes across England.

The first ALMOs were created in 2002 as a way to invest in council housing and to give tenants more of a say in the running of their estates whilst enabling local authorities to retain ownership of their housing stock.  

Acceleris initially won a tender to support the NFA’s launch of a parliamentary event in 2006 and the agency has since been given an extended remit after winning a competitive pitch to deliver a broad range of communications activities to promote and celebrate the achievements of ALMOs.

These include national and specialist trade media relations, producing a suite of NFA publications including the organisation’s Annual Review and ALMOs in Action newsletter, as well as running the annual NFA Awards programme. 

The full range of services provided to the NFA is as follows:

  • Rebrand - Acceleris created a new and professional brand identity for the NFA to reflect the organisation’s growing national importance
  • PR communications - The NFA has a strong voice in the national, local government and housing trade press as a result of a programme of regular and proactive engagement with the media
  • Event management (NFA Awards / parliamentary receptions) - Acceleris devised the NFA Awards programme to honour the achievements of ALMOs and their tenants. Now in their sixth year, the programme has become one of the most prestigious and important events in the social housing sector
  • Production of Annual Review / ALMOs In Action / Best Practice Guides
  • Media training
  • Sponsorship generation - Acceleris has raised £250,000 in sponsorship from key suppliers in the sector to support the work of the NFA
  • Lobbying and Parliamentary events - provided by The Public Affairs Company

As a result of the communications activity, the NFA now has an established national identity and a powerful voice within the housing and local government sectors.

By communicating the benefits of ALMOs to a political audience, the NFA has achieved cross party support in Westminster and is now recognised by the government as the national voice of the ALMO movement.


“ALMOs have over the years contributed significantly to social housing and can have an important role to play in the government’s localism and housing agenda. The best ALMOs have been some of the most responsive providers of housing management services.”
Grant Shapps MP, Housing Minister.

*Latest stats from (correct as of 21 January 2014)

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