Jul 13, 2018

All Hands on Deck As Acceleris and Nautilus Net Gold Award

Acceleris and Limelight PR is celebrating after reeling in the Gold award at the Public Relations & Communications Association (PRCA) Dare Awards. The agency netted the top prize in the Charity/Not for Profit category for its ongoing campaign work with maritime trade union Nautilus International.
The awards success cements Acceleris’ reputation as one of the leading issues-based agencies specialising in maritime communications, one of the agency’s specialist sectors.      
The UK maritime industry supports more than 250,000 jobs and contributes £11billion to the British economy but despite 95% of everything we consume coming to the UK by sea, public support and understanding of the sector remains low.
Acceleris developed a campaign ‘What Have Seafarers Ever Done for Us?’ to promote the work of Nautilus International, the maritime trade union representing 22,000 maritime professionals across the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland.
Central to this was Nautilus’s ‘Job, Skills and the Future’ initiative designed to widen public awareness of the importance of the maritime industry and encourage industry and government to work together to deliver decent work for British seafarers.
Acceleris secured more than 400 pieces of coverage for Nautilus, around a quarter of which were across national print and online media, reaching almost 2.5 billion people. Included in this was the recent coverage of Nautilus’s ongoing campaign to secure payment for workers onboard Kingfisher Beer tycoon Vijay Mallya’s impounded yacht. Nautilus’ work was also raised in Parliament by former Shipping Minster Rt Hon John Hayes MP and led to one ferry company increasing its pay by £4.28 per hour for its workers.
The agency was rewarded by the PRCA’s panel of expert judges for devising the campaign, which closely aligned to the political agenda to create interest and relevance to ongoing issues in the sector. Acceleris was commended for:
  • Using innovative tactics to engage key stakeholders, members and policy members through digital channels, social media, GIFs and virtual reality, raising awareness of the Union’s work
  • Developing a series of videos and animations and infographics communicating the industry’s complex issues in an accessible format to audiences across multiple language barriers
  • Ongoing media relations engaging trade, regional, national and international press as well as calling on MPs to deliver real legislative change


Louise Vaughan, Managing Director at Acceleris, said: “It’s an incredible achievement to have been recognised with Gold PRCA Dare Award for a campaign that has delivered real change for more than 20,000 maritime professionals both in the UK and internationally.
“As an island nation, the UK is heavily dependent on our seafarers for everything from food to fuel and a thriving export economy. Post-Brexit this reliance will only increase and we’re glad our campaign with Nautilus could shine a light on the importance of the maritime industry.”
Debbie Cavaldoro, Head of Strategy at Nautilus, said: “Acceleris began working with Nautilus to support me as a one person team. Together we achieved more than I could have possibly imagined.
“As well as supporting our ‘Charter for Jobs’ commitments, together we have thrust Nautilus and the maritime industry into the national and international spotlight, achieving positive change that has impacted on the lives of so many seafarers. We have found new ways to communicate our messages with members and stakeholders such as innovative and eye-catching animations, which have helped us significantly raise the profile and importance of the seafaring community.”
Acceleris was also recognised for its work with Nautilus International at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ (CIPR) PRide Awards last year where it won the Silver award for Issues, Crisis and Reputational Management.
The PRCA Dare Awards are organised by Europe’s largest and most influential PR and communications membership body, with more than 24,0000 members, and are designed to uncover impeccable talent and celebrate the work of PR professionals across the country.
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