According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an accelerator is "a person or thing that causes something to happen or develop more quickly".

PR Strategy - Accelerator

For Acceleris, it’s our ideas lab, a stand-alone process where we fuse together your commercial objectives with the world experiences we’ve had, the ideas that excite us, the life lessons we’ve learned, the good things we love, the bad things we don’t - and know should be avoided – and the insights we’ve gained. It’s the fun stuff that lights up the everyday, the serious stuff that has to be addressed with intelligence and imagination, and the energy and enthusiasm we inject into all that we do.

It’s where the clever thinking starts that leads to successful implementation. It’s where we challenge ourselves – and you - to be brave and bold to create the strategies to deliver your objectives. Whatever they are!

To find out how Accelerator could benefit your business, contact Louise Vaughan, Managing Director, on 0845 4567251 or email