Nautilus International

Nautilus International’s Charter for Jobs – Creating and promoting the Union’s manifesto


The client

Nautilus International is a trade union and professional organisation representing more than 22,000 maritime professionals in the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland. Its membership base is all encompassing, with offshore jobs including; shipmasters, officers, cadets, ratings, yacht crew and ship-based medical personnel. Its onshore members work as marine pilots, harbour masters, vessel traffic service operators.


The objective

Nautilus International has for some years campaigned to raise awareness of the steady decline in seafarer numbers and the urgent need to recruit for the future of the industry. The Maritime Growth Study in 2015 provided Nautilus with an opportunity to set ambitious goals for the future of the UK’s maritime industry in creatingan all-encompassing charter. As a result, the trade union created a 10-Point Charter for Jobs, a holistic strategy shaping manifesto, to promote the UK’s maritime sector and to ensure the delivery of decent work and training opportunities for seafarers.

We were asked to launch and ensure maximum exposure of the charter to Nautilus’ stakeholders, its diverse membership and the media.


What we did

To protect the industry and reaffirm the UK’s reputation as a seafaring nation, we worked with Nautilus to help create and implement a 10-point charter calling on the UK Government and maritime industry to secure the industry’s future by delivering decent work and training opportunities for British seafarers. With a focus on issues based PR, we led an integrated campaign, which included event support, media relations, social media management, animation creation and thought leadership. With 95 per cent of everything we import, from clothes to food and fuel, brought into the country by sea, we ensured consistent messaging across all activity focusing on how much the UK relies on shipping and seafarers.

The Charter was launched at the Nautilus International annual UK branch conference in Cardiff in October 2016. It was also distributed to relevant trade bodies, public bodies and journalists.


The results

We achieved more than 170 pieces of key regional, trade and national coverage which included: The Observer, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Evening Standard, Grimsby Telegraph, The Morning Star, Lloyd’s List and HIS Fairplay.


The articles resulted in 69 million opportunities to see, and in just nine months, for every £1 spent, we reached in excess of 3,000 people based on media coverage alone.


In addition to the media coverage, we promoted the animation on social media, which secured a total of 23,541 video views. We also designed social style graphics for each charter point. The resulting engagement reached almost 25,000 people on Facebook and gained the union 82 new followers on Twitter.

Since the launch, the animation has also been used by a group to educate young people considering a career in the maritime industry.

Click here to have a look at the animation we produced for Nautilus:


As a result of the increased awareness, Nautilus is now seen as a leader in the industry and is regularly approached for comment by the media and other organisations. In addition to this, Nautilus’ charter for jobs has recently won its first legislative victory – following campaigning by the trade union, the Scottish government has now intervened and agreed to ensure that foreign seafarers on freight ferries running to Orkney and Shetland will be paid at least the UK minimum wage.