Seafarers UK

The client

Seafarers UK is a national charity which has been helping people in the maritime community for 100 years, by providing vital support to seafarers in need and their families.

Seafarers UK centenary publication


The objective

Acceleris’ specialist copywriting division, Writers Inc., was appointed to produce a centenary publication to celebrate the past, present and future of the charity, ahead of its anniversary celebrations in 2017.

The publication needed to showcase the work the charity has been doing for the past 100 years, while also ensuring that the need for continued support in the future was recognised. In addition to this, the charity wanted to focus on the stories behind the grants and show how the money given has helped individuals and families.  


What we did

In order to achieve the required aims, Writers Inc. began by visiting the charity’s archives at its London headquarters to review all the information they had stored from the past 100 years, and then collated the material in order to identify key points in its history.

A key aspect of this project was establishing a tone of voice for the publication which was consistent with Seafarers UK’s other branding and collateral.

Writers Inc. drafted all the copy for the publication and one of the biggest challenges the team faced during this project was narrowing the information down as there were lots of interesting stories and events in the charity’s history. Additional desk research was carried out by the team into historical maritime events in order to supplement the case studies and profiles.

Interviews were also carried out with members of the Seafarers UK team, as well as those who have been assisted by the charity’s work. From these interviews, case studies were written up which highlighted the support these individuals received from beneficiaries of Seafarers UK.

The Writers Inc. team project managed the whole process, working closely with designers, printers and key members of Seafarers UK to ensure the project ran smoothly.



The completed book was sent to print in early January 2017 and delivered to Seafarers UK in time for their calendar of centenary celebrations to kick off. The publication has been well received by the charity and its supporters. 

Seafarers UK centenary publication page layout

Seafarers UK centenary publication page layout 2


“We are so pleased with how the publication has turned out. It is a fitting tribute to our history and the perfect way to celebrate our centenary anniversary. Summarising 100 years of our work and world events in one publication was a huge undertaking, but the team did a great job and captured the spirit of who we are as a charity. I wish to thank the team for their part in a successful project.” Commodore Barry Bryant CVO, RN, Director General of Seafarers UK