The National Federation of ALMOs - newsletter and annual review production

From 2007 to 2015, we produced a range of publications for the National Federations of ALMOs (NFA), the trade body for all arm's length management organisations (ALMOs) in the social housing sector, which together manage more than 600,000 council homes across England.

These publications were produced and articles written in association with the NFA and the ALMOs themselves, with Acceleris working closely with all parties to develop high-quality, informative and engaging content. Acceleris provided editorial and graphic design services, project management and, where required, photography and sponsorship generation support.

Check out some of these publications below...

The NFA Annual Review 2014/15

The NFA Annual Review 2013/14

The NFA Annual Review 2012/13

NFA Best Practice Guide 2013

NFA Best Practice Guide 2012

The NFA Annual Review 2011/12

NFA ALMOs in Action Winter/Spring 2012

The NFA Annual Review 2010/11

The NFA Best Practice Guide 2011

ALMOs in Action Autumn 2011

ALMOs in Action Winter 2010/11