The Shipwrecked Mariners' Society - capturing the coast for photography competition

What we were asked to do:

In June, Acceleris launched the Society’s annual Photography Competition – an initiative designed by Acceleris to find the best visual portrayal of our nation’s connection with the sea to mark Seafarers Awareness Week. As well as being an awareness raising campaign, the team was tasked with using the competition to increase traffic to the Society’s website.

What we did:

First Acceleris launched the campaign on the website and issued a press release to national, regional and trade media. The team then identified a number of different campaign angles as the competition progressed and used these to target a variety of editorial opportunities across national media. Once the competition had closed, Acceleris produced a video of the judging process and a press release to announce the winners.

The team also implemented an intensive social media campaign which resulted in celebrity endorsement from a number of high profile Twitter-users including Rob Brydon, Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Dan Snow.

The results:

During the competition Acceleris received 417 entries, more than double the number of entries in 2013, from across the country from both amateur photographers and professionals alike.

The photography competition secured outstanding coverage, including The Mail Online, The Times and the BBC, with a 41% increase in coverage on last year. There was a potential readership of 26,058,555 during the competition, an increase of 310% on last year’s campaign. All of these press opportunities included links back to the page on the website.

On social media, the campaign resulted in more than 1,000 individual interactions including liking/favouriting posts, sharing/retweeting posts, posting pictures and mentions/comments. A total of 78 photos were submitted via Twitter and 258 photos on Facebook. Every post also linked back to the competition page on the website.

Overall Acceleris secured 2,427 unique visitors to the website throughout the competition. In comparison to the same period last year, a total of 261 visits, the campaign successfully increased website traffic by 785%.

The competition was a major success, with high levels of mainstream coverage and an exponential increase in website traffic and the team is already working on plans to grow the competition further in 2015.