Ultimate English confectionery - translating the socialsphere into business leads


Acceleris was set the challenge to increase confectionery brand Ultimate English’s digital presence. In order to do this, Acceleris developed a two part strategy which initially focused on creating a strong voice for Ultimate English’s social media platforms. Secondly, Acceleris used a combination of national media titles and blogs to generate reviews and competitions. Blogs have become an increasingly important forum for businesses to access as they offer a key opportunity to expose their brand to a new audience.  


  • More than 1,800 new Twitter followers in less than 12 hours
  • 40,428 entrants for the blogger led competition
  • 60 per cent increase in Twitter followers
  • 40 per cent increase in Facebook ‘likes’

What We Did and Results:

Acceleris tapped into hashtags and trends on Twitter to increase the number of views each post would receive. The team devised creative campaigns such as ‘Name that Camel’ and ‘Does Your Day Need Brightening’ which encouraged audiences to engage in the competition, with entrants submitting suggestions for the camel’s name or pictures of their surroundings. These campaigns, which were each run over a 12 hour period, led to more than 1,800 new Twitter followers for the brand and was seen by Twitter users more than 72,000 times.

Ultimate English’s social platforms were also regularly updated with new, original content which aimed to enhance audience engagement as well as inform the audience about the brand’s products. 

Striking the right tone of voice was highly important for Acceleris, as the voice used on social media needed to support the values of the brand and reflect its standing as a Yorkshire business creating traditional confectionery with a twist. This proved highly successful as there was increasingly active engagement from followers with all the campaigns run on social media.  

Acceleris updated the look and feel of Ultimate English’s social media, focusing on taste-led photography to illustrate the brand’s commitment to using high quality produce, sourced from the local area. Imagery was also regularly updated to reflect seasonal changes and key calendar dates.

The second section of Acceleris’s strategy was to engage with bloggers in order to generate product testimonials as well as an additional outlet from which to run competitions. Teaming up with bloggers proved highly fruitful as Acceleris was able to tap into the platform of blog subscribers, opening up a new audience for Ultimate English. One particular competition run in conjunction with a blogger saw entry figures break the 22,000 mark in less than two weeks. Strong blogger relations further bolstered Ultimate English’s digital presence as the posts were shared on social networks, leading to twice the amount of promotion of content, both from Ultimate English’s sites and also from the blogger’s own platforms.      

Acceleris increased Ultimate English’s Twitter followers by more than 60 per cent and Facebook ‘likes’ by almost 40 per cent in a four month period. Ultimate English’s increasingly prominent position on social media has translated into multiple new business leads, with both suppliers and bloggers hearing about the brand on social media and offering opportunities to work with Ultimate English.

You can find Ultimate English on Twitter @ultimateEng and Facebook