What’s in a vision?

The client

Independent energy provider Utilita is one of the leading challenger brands to the Big Six in the UK, and according to Cornwall Energy, is the fastest growing independent energy provider in the UK.

The objective

Acceleris has worked with Utilita for five years on a PR and media relations campaign and recently led an internal communications programme across the business to define and launch the company’s revised Vision, Mission and Values to its 1,000+ workforce in six months.

What we did

The Acceleris team devised and managed a series of in-depth focus groups across the company, speaking to 10 per cent of Utilita’s workforce, with attendees across different age groups, gender, responsibilities and departments within the company. We also surveyed the Management Board and engineers and sales agents working in the field, as well as six key suppliers to the business to understand across the board the values all staff believed the company to have.

Using the final results, Acceleris devised the company’s new Vision, Mission and Values, which informed the redesign of Utilita’s strapline and rebrand across the company and its sites around the UK. The final Vision, Mission, Values and strapline were all designed to support the future growth and development of the business.


The findings were unveiled to all Utilita staff at a series of roadshow events held across the country, everywhere from Glasgow to Southampton, giving senior members of the Management Board, including the CEO, the opportunity to talk directly to staff about the future of the company. In all, 19 roadshow events were delivered over two months, in seven cities across the UK.

Findings from the focus groups also informed a series of internal changes including enhanced communications between sites, a new marketing strategy and a wealth of proposed internal changes for the future.


“From the very start, Acceleris understood exactly what we needed from this project where we as a business were looking for some external assistance to support us through the process. Acceleris ran an efficient and informative process to define our new Vision as a business and devised a series of highly successful roadshow events to share this with all our staff and partners. This project has very much seen them go from our PR agency to trusted advisors for a range of projects and communications programmes across the board.”

Steve Parker, Director of Sales and Marketing, Utilita